Dark Souls

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Dark Souls

Postby clamatius » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:37 am

Dark Souls is awesome. Really, really good.

There is one slight problem.

It is quite hard. In much the same way that the surface of the sun is quite hot.

But. But!

It has what I think is probably one of the best combat systems I've ever played in a RPG. It's an action RPG, and really the dial is much closer to the action end than the RPG end. It's not on PC (and it wouldn't work that well on PC due to the controls IMHO). So, PS3 or Xbox. It is the follow-up to the PS3 exclusive Demon Souls.

This guy's walkthrough is pretty good and it gives you a reasonable idea of what the game is like. Only without a lot of the dying. To start with, you will die a lot. Who am I kidding, even later on you will die a lot. To give you an idea, you start off dead (well, undead, technically) and the actual official website for the game is preparetodie.com.


I do not recommend this game unless you are pretty hardcore and have quite a bit of patience. But if you are in that bracket, you should drop what you are doing and play this game. Now.
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Re: Dark Souls

Postby mooseman » Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:44 pm

Yep, that does look pretty interesting and I like the combat system. If Lotro had that....
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