Starcraft Brood Wars - anyone interested?

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Postby Faust » Fri Nov 25, 2005 7:42 pm

Jimz0rz wrote:anyone remember the map "Scream"? based on the movie? where everyone was a civilian but one guy was also a cloaked guy... forget what they're called. and they had to go around killing the civilians and then people at the end had to guess who the killer was?


ps. 400 zergling rushes ftw

There is a similar custom map for Warcraft 3: TFT called 'Dark Deeds.' The premise is that all players start as a farmer at dark and scary castle, you must run away and start a life of your own. You create a farm, 'build' a wife, then kids who will grow up to be males or females. You eventually will tech up to militia, and new buildings to create heroes and buy crazy items from. The trick is, from the very start of the game, one of you is secretly evil, and you will transform commonly at night (depending on the evil hero you control, like dracula, the lycan, witch doctor, grim reaper etc.) and must go out and hunt down the other farmers. Its pretty cool game with insanely huge tech tree. Latest official version is DD 6, unofficially there is a version 7.
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Postby Zenbu » Mon Nov 28, 2005 10:47 pm

omg, I'm going to go get my roommates to play it with me right now!

I can't believe I forgot this gem!
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