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Postby M373ora Fr34k » Thu Feb 01, 2007 3:04 pm

if you guys are looking for a great free turn based strategy game, check out Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.org). Addicting and people are always adding new custom campaigns and the like.
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Postby Amnizu » Thu Feb 01, 2007 3:18 pm

If this is anything like Alpha Centauri, I'm there. Even if it's not, I've been looking for new games to play, and it's free so that essentially seals the deal.

edit: I downloaded it, mounted it with Daemon Tools and got an error - setup.exe failed to initialize. Any help?

edit 2: I enabled Compatibility Modes in Win2k and ran the setup/program under 98 compatibility, and everything runs just peachy.
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Postby Devoras1 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:03 am

I played Birth of the Federation when it first came out, was disappointed at the time that it didn't have a hotseat option.

If you're having trouble with the borg, there are two options: Be Romulan, attack with a massive cloaked fleet, tell them ALL to ram the cube. Most efficient way to kill it. Other is be Cardassian, and have a massive fleet. Tell the fleet to ram the cube. Lose alot more than if you are Romulan but still works.(if I remember correctly in this game cardassians have strong hulls) The class of ships you have isn't that important, just that you have alot of ships with decent hull values. But by far in this game Romulans with their cloaked ships have a huge advantage.

And continue building ships and ramming any more cubes that attack your worlds, eventually the other empires will get wiped out by the borg, most likely, and it makes it easier for you to finish the rest of their worlds off.

I played the game multiplayer over lan once or twice, as cardassians, fell WAY behind in tech, but had the most production. I held my own simply because I used my crappy low tech ships like manned missiles and just had them always try to ram the pretty expensive ships my enemies were using.
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