Various Speculative Items from TF2 Beta testing

Various Speculative Items from TF2 Beta testing

Postby Feyd Rautha » Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:02 pm

Noobz wrote:Someone finally put up pictures of the new items and current item changes from the beta.

What do you guys think?

My thoughts on the weapons...
Wrench - engies who actually play the class defensively proper will probably hate this weapon but personally when i play as an engie i go rambo most of the time, this weapon would help much in setting up small ambushes.

Blutsauger - Didn't really expect them to change this weapon, the blutsauger we have now is fine imo, kinda wish they buffed the needlegun instead to have a continuous ammo belt like the machine gun/flamethrower.

Ubersaw - with -20HP on hit people would easily one shot you after doing one melee swing, i don't think anyone would risk using this variation. The -25% damage seems to be a double edged sword, less damage means more hits and more uber charge but it will also give the unaware defender more time to retaliate.

The GRU - Don't know what to say until i'm sure if its just the positive effect that get applied when holding the weapon or both the positive and negative effects.

Spy suits - All awful just like the snipers shield, sure it might help spies that can't hit the broadside of a barn with his guns but i simply can't give up the ambassador/revolver that helps taking down any class.

And secondly
the creator of idle program made this website showing what items people have.

My backpack

Robin, Finol and Greenmarine's backpack (Who are TF2 developers)
Mouse over some of the weapons robin, finol and greenmarine have...
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