Discuss all things NS and NS2 in here!

Re: Discuss all things NS and NS2 in here!

Postby CanadianWolverine » Tue May 13, 2008 6:24 am


You guys are making assumptions, albeit assumptions based off of NS1, but assumptions none the less about just what a player getting their own equipment means. It doesn't necessarily take the Commander out of the picture, he may still need to "sign off" on equipment to make it selectable, that is if the equipment a Marine picks up for themself even impacts the resource pool of the team that the Commander uses for their actions. Before that "moron" even takes off and dies with a HMG or what have you, it still needs to be researched, requirements met, so if you have rambos, they more than likely have already screwed the chances for the team long before by leaving their squad, because even securing resources and territory, whatever they may be, probably needs a helping hand. And was dropping equipment meant for someone, only to be picked up by someone else all that fun, honestly?

You are absolutely right when you say this is going to be different than NS1 classic, which can be a bad or good thing, it really depends how well they implement it.
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Re: Discuss all things NS and NS2 in here!

Postby pr0phetik_dreamz » Tue May 13, 2008 3:37 pm

That's all that can be done right now. Even the people on the UWE forums can't know what's really happening. That's sort of the point of it though -- speculation. I'm making informed guesses based on the information I've gleaned from the threads in the UWE forums. Even the thread that most people are "pointing to" in regards to how resources will be allocated for the weapons purchases (team + personal pool VS commander allocated pool), that was pure speculation as well. There are no input or official "word" from the developers; it was a community discussion passed off as "the facts."

I'm well aware that it was agreed that the commander would have to research the items firstly before they can be used, but what would that change anything? The noob rambos will still whore points and try to get their heavy weapons, only to die.

Besides, the assumptions must be based off NS1, since Flayra "strongly touts" the whole 1/3 old, 1/3 revised, 1/3 new model.

About the stealing of dropped equipment, no good commander is just going to drop stuff on the ground unless he/she intended it to be expendable. A good commander will recall the marine to the base, then drop the equipment directly on the marine. I would've vastly prefered that instead of being able to buy own weapons, that the commander could perhaps have a right click menu that lets him/her equip the marine even if the marine is moving around (i.e. the equips wouldn't miss).

Honestly though, if the gameplay is going to be so different from NS1, why even bother to call it NS2? Remember Starsiege: Tribes? That was one of the most fun games of my early high school career, and because they "changed" it, Tribes 2, and Vengeance after that, and what have you, were horrible, with no one bothering to play it.

I want to play a smart, tense game, much like NS was for most of its life. Too many complications makes it not fun, but then again dumbing it down makes it even less fun. Seriously, if I wanted to play a dumbed down game, I'll play TF2 or CS:S.
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