Planning Pyramid 8

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Planning Pyramid 8

Postby The Nighthawk » Mon Apr 28, 2003 12:30 pm

Here's the plans I'll be putting forward into beta 8 of Pyramid. 7 is playable as it is right now, so I plan on doing everything together for build 8, rather than have a new release every day or two as I've done over the past couple of weeks. 8 won't come out for about two weeks as I see it now.

- Add two more resource nodes to the map, with a room and connecting passageways for each.
- Widen ALL the hallways by 25-50%, and add to their height by 10-25%.
- Add alcoves along some hallways. These will by more of niches in the walls, just large enough to fit a marine or fade, but not an Onos.
- Add crossbeams to the hallway ceilings to stop unobstructed jetpacking, and give skulks a place to avoid the long hallway fire.
- Add obstructions in all the rooms (except marine start). These will likely take the form of Pillars in the four corners of each room.
- Make the map a bit tighter so the hallways aren't so long.

I hate putting unnecessary turns into passages, and by doing all these things I'm trying to even things out between the skulks and vanilla marines, without having to resort to twisting passages. Plus, they'll hopefully add to the decor and setting.

If I find the time, I also want to redesign the Ready Room, though that's not essential until the map is finished tweaking for gameplay.
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