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Fr34ks idea

Postby M373ora Fr34k » Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:11 pm

Reading Ni's thread kind of tweaked my interest, and I thought of the following, basically a combination of classic and combat. As stupid as that sounds, it might be interesting so at least read the idea before you blow it off.

The map will be like a classic map, except there is only one or two alien spawns. The map of course is thus a little smaller than a classic map. There are resource nodes in various spots which both sides need to get res.

The objective is the same: kill the cc or kill the hive, whichever team you're on.

Even tho marines have a cc, there is no commander. Marines instead must upgrade themselves (like in combat) based on different "classes". Also, marines individually gain res (i.e. like aliens).

Scout - Has increased running speed and automatic scan. The only class that can buy jetpacks. Cannot buy HMG's and gl's. Cannot buy catalyst.

Assault Trooper - Standard marine.

Engineer - Building marine. The only guns available to this class is the lmg or grenade launcher. Only engineers can buy welders and mines. Engineers are needed to build rts and other buildings. Note that until an engineer builds a research building somewhere, other marines cannot get better upgrades. For example, if nobody built an advanced armory, then your teammates cannot buy hmg's for themselves. Engineers are capable of building phase gates and thus are every bit as important to attacking as any of the other marines.

Heavy Marine - Only marine who can equip heavy armor. Can't buy most auxilary stuff such as scan, motion tracking, or grenades.

Marines have to re-equip themselves when they die, so getting res is important.

Aliens are pretty much the same as they always have been, except that each one has to individually research their special abilities (i.e. combat). So one skulk could have xenocide but another skulk who didn't use res to research it wouldn't have it.

Higher alien life forms are as expensive in this map type as they are in classic, so unlike in combat, you do not want to die as a fade/onos.

The map can be filled with various weldable passageways, so marines can open/close doors all along the map to create choke-points or help defend certain areas better. I think this in particular has potential to be interesting if there is enough teamwork.

thoughts? of course this probably will never be implemented anyway...
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Postby BigDXLT » Sun Jun 05, 2005 11:43 pm

Post this on the suggestions and ideas forums at! This sounds like a neat idea to me!
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