Guides/Tools Modification of Games

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Guides/Tools Modification of Games

Postby zolop » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:21 pm

EDIT: zolop 11.22.2011: Add Bethesda/TES games to the mod links...MAya PLE no longer able to download from developer and XSI Softimage Mod Tool no longer able to download/supported

Well since we can broaden the community involvement in the mapping department and modification in the games that we play, why not list the tools for these games.

General Misc Free/EDU editions of Animation Software

Blender 3D


Milkshape 3D

Oxygen 2 (For Armed Assault, Free Model Editor)


(free Version) Visual Studio Express 2010 ... ns/express

XSI Softimage (If your a student you can qualify for a license for a free limited use license) ... d=17355061

Feel free to PM me Links for the Tools For Map Modification/General Modification of the games we play. This is alphabetical order for your Viewing Pleasure. If I list the tool multiple times, it is because the tool can be used across multiple games.

Games List

ArmA 2/Operation Arrowhead
NOTE: Will Add A2. OA or CO (CO is both Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead related)

CO: Mod Tools Released by the Developer BI

Scripting Examples/Reference
CO: SetVectot, SetVelocity, SetVectorDir Use "this SetVectorUp [0,0,1]" in initialization field to make an object lay flat on uneven terrain.
A2: Arma 2 Full Classlist
OA: Operation Arrowhead Classsnames (reply #13)
CO: Scripting function/command reference NOTE:Might contain some Operation Arrowhead functions/commands in that link.

Community Sites
CO: Armaholic: Community Site for Missions, Addons, Editing Tools and much more

Updating more this more later on...

Half-Life 2- NOTE See the other stickies for the information for map development, as this is list is general. not specific to HL, Havock Engine. This was put in this sticky since the other stickies were for HL1 Map creation. If any of Community members can offer general links or tutorial link, it would be very welcome. Please PM them to me and I will add them to this.

Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

-Unit database in Lua and GUI.

-Map Editor tutorial (download the version 4 Map Editor for both games SC/SCFA in the GPG Vault)
NOTE: You must put the editor in the bin folder of Sup Com to make it work. Maps made by the editor also work with barely work with SCFA AI, because the official editor does not include the map markers for the Forged Alliance AI. ... r_tutorial

Use this by the communuity member called hazard, on your saved maps. The AI won't function completely without the FA markers.

Sins of a Solar Empire-
-(BETA)Sins Modding Package ... aid=176875

-Galaxy Creation Tool (updated for Version 1.03 for Sins)

-Stardock Library/Repository of Maps and Mods ... aid=174340 ... aid=176411

Miscellaneous Community Sites for modding

TES Nexus Community Website
Many, Many mod creations from the community ranging from texture packs to weapons and a lot more.
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