Recent Half Life 2 Resources

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Recent Half Life 2 Resources

Postby zolop » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:21 pm

Taken from BigDXLT's earlier reply...
BigDXLT wrote:This is pretty much the new Valve-ERC (aka: "the holy grail of everything source engine".) Tons of juicy info can be found there. Pretty much all the technical "this entity has this, that and the other thing" and stuff. Tutorials, not so much, but what is there is more than enough to get you started. (Was enough for me to get a small box room, with a med box and some displacements compiled though.)

From what I found, it's really the organization of the whole material system that I tripped over first. There is a way to filter just textures and not have every freakin' annoying model skin/decal appearing. Once you get through that, yer back to basic building blocks and familiar territory. (And from there can venture off to the new stuff and safely fall back when you feel like yer going over yer head.)
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