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Enjoyable IRC sessions

Postby Niteowl » Thu Apr 10, 2003 12:22 pm

This particular one was with #cofr, which is a massive(250+) older(20+) clan.

all this was utterly spontaneous, hope y'all have a hoot :D

<[OldF]Niteowl> lol
<[CoFR]Gunshotwound> .back
<[CoFR]Gunshotwound> pffft
<[CoFR]Beaker> .front
<Bouncer> :D
<[CoFR]Gunshotwound> .inside
<[CoFR]Gunshotwound> .backside
<[CoFR]Beaker> Well played, GSW. Well played.
* [CoFR]Beaker nods
<[OldF]Niteowl> .front???
* [CoFR]Beaker claps sarcasticly
<[CoFR]Gunshotwound> lol beaker
<Bouncer> NITEOWL!
* [OldF]Niteowl drinks more of Alberta's finest process grains
* Bouncer points to bench
<[CoFR]Beaker> oooh theres a flag on the play!
* [OldF]Niteowl soooo confused, trods off to bench
<[CoFR]Beaker> someones heading for the sin bin!
* Bouncer hands Niteowl a yellow Card
* [CoFR]Beaker announces over PA.. Niteowl, 2 minutes, for redundancy!
* [OldF]Niteowl feeling so surreal, accepts the yellow card dejectly, starts painting Emily Carr-esque stuff on it
<[CoFR]Beaker> uh oh
* [CoFR]Beaker dives for cover
*** T[on]eh has left #COFR
<Bouncer> YOU!!!
<[OldF]Niteowl> why is it so many ppl use loose, when they mean lose
* [OldF]Niteowl continues to scribble/paint on cards
* Bouncer hands out hard orange Card
<[CoFR]Beaker> that's a good question...
* [OldF]Niteowl points to empty Canadian Club bottle, not my fault!
* Bouncer takes crayons away
* Bouncer skates off
<MossWerk> i call a 3 minute penalty on over usage of caps....
<[CoFR]Beaker> oooooo that's gonna reflect badly on today performance!
<MossWerk> Bounce... the box plz...
<MossWerk> and hand over that whistle
<[CoFR]Beaker> And now Bouncer's getting handed a yellow card!
<[OldF]Niteowl> i think i can honestly say this is more entertaining than NS
<Bouncer> I'm the official here. So bite me.
<[CoFR]Beaker> me over PA>.. Bouncer, 3 minutes, overusage of caps.
* Bouncer flips yellow card in Moss's face
<[OldF]Niteowl> wish i was drunk, but , well, what's stopping me, really?
<Bouncer> Smoke THAT!
* MossWerk smokes it
<Bouncer> :o
<[OldF]Niteowl> do you have a prescription for that?
<MossWerk> yeah thats right
<[CoFR]Beaker> wow!
<MossWerk> now go to yer hole!
<[OldF]Niteowl> and is that BC card you're smokin?
<MossWerk> if it keeps me from the box...
<MossWerk> then yes
* Bouncer goes to cubbyhole
<Bouncer> ihatemossheismeanandsuxx0rz.
<[CoFR]Beaker> Play will be resumed at the whistle
* Bouncer sniffles and blows hair out fo eyes
* MossWerk hand bouncer some cheese...
<MossWerk> ya know... to go with your whine...
<[OldF]Niteowl> Is that cheese you are bouncing around?
<Bouncer> :o
<Bouncer> :O
<Bouncer> that's IT!
* Bouncer tackles Moss
<MossWerk> I'm hit!
<[CoFR]Beaker> apparently Moss and bouncer are having words out on the side of the field
<[CoFR]Beaker> OOH!
<MossWerk> Mmmmm.... timberlaaand....
<MossWerk> tastes like salty feet!
* Bouncer looks left
<[OldF]Niteowl> beaker: well we haven't seen this sorta scene since the altercation of 1983
* Bouncer looks right
<[CoFR]Beaker> Cmon REF get in there!
* Bouncer takes out jello
<Bouncer> that's it for you then bucko
<[CoFR]Beaker> oh the humanity!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Looks like it's the old jello move beaker
* Bouncer dumps jello down front of Moss's shirt
<MossWerk> :o
<[CoFR]Beaker> you're absolutely right nitewowl... This is utter pandemonium!
<MossWerk> me nipples!
* Bouncer squishes jello
<MossWerk> they're all stickeh!
<[OldF]Niteowl> For you folks keeping score at home, Bouncer is a 11 and 4 for his jello assaults
* Bouncer rips shirt away from sticky nips
<MossWerk> :o
<MossWerk> me mantits!
<MossWerk> they're exposed!
<[CoFR]Beaker> 8* Rhat's gotta hurt!
* Bouncer slings Moss around airplane style and flings him over fence
<[OldF]Niteowl> while moss has a staunch defense record against all food dessert products endorsed by bill cosby
<[OldF]Niteowl> WHOA, well beaker, i never saw that one coming
<[CoFR]Beaker> They can't stop bouncer, they can only hope to contain him!
* Bouncer looks heavenward
<MossWerk> .....rememeber my Haaaaiiiirrrrr...... (trails off with increasing distance)
<[OldF]Niteowl> it's nice to see a vet like Bouncer can still keep the game fresh and relevatn to todays youth
* Bouncer screams out primal war cry:
* Bouncer pants heavily
<[CoFR]Beaker> you bet, and remember kids tomorrow is Barrel day here at the park! SO bring'em down to see the famed Barrell where Coder works... Free balloons!
<Bouncer> ...I..
* Bouncer collapses face down in pudding
<[OldF]Niteowl> And i think a little car known as the Oscar Myer Weiner van will be on site as well, a crowd FAVORITE
<[CoFR]Beaker> oooh. The poor guy is just drained! A true testiment to teh human spirit!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Call me an old softy, but i think i'm getting all welled up with tears
* MossWerk shows up again, this time joined by a pack of rouge hampsters
<MossWerk> A Yo BOuNcE!
<[OldF]Niteowl> ever since the 41 hour marathon match of 72, i've never seen such heart
<[CoFR]Beaker> Let's go to a 15 second station identification. You're listening to #cofr
<[OldF]Niteowl> best.channel.evar
<[CoFR]Beaker> lol
<[CoFR]Beaker> action back at the field were Moss has shown up with hamsters!
<[OldF]Niteowl> officials are checking they are regulation African pygmy hamsters
* MossWerk rips the mic from beakers hand
* Bouncer crawls away from Moss and Hamster squad
<[CoFR]Beaker> ....
<MossWerk> stuff it ref!
<MossWerk> Bounce!
<MossWerk> we're callin' you out!
<MossWerk> me.
<MossWerk> you.
* Bouncer slowly gets to one knee
<MossWerk> and my hampster posse
<MossWerk> 5pm @ the willow tree!
<Bouncer> ...what..what do you want, demone childe
<MossWerk> be there
<MossWerk> or
<MossWerk> be somewhere else!
<MossWerk> Hhmmph!
* Bouncer reaches down and grabs some pudding and smears it on face
* Bouncer draws lines down each cheek
<[OldF]Niteowl> Bounce gets 2 points for use of a gratuitious 'e' on demon and child
<Bouncer> "Bring it, Hamster Humper."
<MossWerk> :o
<[CoFR]Beaker> 8o
<[OldF]Niteowl> Oo, that seems to have struck a chord with moss
<MossWerk> WE'RE JuSt Friends!!!!
<MossWerk> it'sa out of friendship that they sleep in my bed!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Especially the hamster with the dominatrix uniform on
<Bouncer> Care to explain the duct tape on their paws?
<MossWerk> it's for tax purposes
<MossWerk> lets leave it @ that
<Bouncer> Okay... You, me n' the Hamsters
<Bouncer> Only...
<MossWerk> Now! About your hampster flogging...
<[OldF]Niteowl> are mosses hamsters checking out his butt?
<Bouncer> I've got a little surprise for you, old friend...
<MossWerk> it's how they indentify people!
<[CoFR]Beaker> watch out!~
* Bouncer takes out clear plastic tubes and quickly constructs interconnected tube city.
<[OldF]Niteowl> well beaker, i 've never seen such raw LUST in hamsters eyes before, yet, at the same time, familiarity
<MossWerk> :o
* Bouncer places open end facing Moss and Hamsters
<[OldF]Niteowl> oooo, nice move
* MossWerk looks nervous
<MossWerk> -Hampsters- Form... MEGA HAMP!
* MossWerk watches as 37 small hampster form one ultra Hampster of Dooooooom!!!
<MossWerk> -Hampsters- Pellet Attack!!!
<MossWerk> G0000!!!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Well beaker, i'm not sure how anyoen is going to get outta this one
* Bouncer deploys multipel spinning wheels
<[CoFR]Beaker> This is definetly a specticle!
<MossWerk> Focus Hamps FocusSSSS!!!
* Bouncer launches salad bowl
<MossWerk> Holg it together little furry ones!
<[OldF]Niteowl> they seem to be focusing on moss ass AGAIN
<MossWerk> who isn't
<Bouncer> And now.. the ultimate...
<[OldF]Niteowl> Beaker, well, i'm drwan to it as well
* Bouncer spreads cedar shavings on ground and waits
<[CoFR]Beaker> By the way speaking of hamsters. We have a celbrity here at the park.. Look, it's Richard Gere! Say hi to the folks at home Dick!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Mr. Gere seems to believe there is no here, or folks
<Bouncer> Bring your hamsters Moss.
<Bouncer> Bring them all!
* Bouncer waits in circle of Hamster home
<[OldF]Niteowl> can we get securtiy here!! no one should be handling the hamster that way. Mr. Gere, plse. step away from the hamsters
<MossWerk> -Mega Hamp- Hampster Wrastle!!!
<MossWerk> G0000000000!!!
<MossWerk> it's like a thousand tiny hamds pummeling your every muscle!
* Bouncer dodges and rolls behind tube city, waving opening at Mega-Hamp
<Bouncer> HA!
<MossWerk> :O
* MossWerk gets shakey
<Bouncer> Your power weakens!
<MossWerk> fall back fall back!!!
* MossWerk regroups behind the water drip bottle
* Bouncer holds up hampster wheel and give it little spin *right* *infront* *of you(
<MossWerk> -don't look at him guys... look @ me-
<MossWerk> -this is our moment in the wood shavings-
<Bouncer> j00 cannot resiiiiist
<[OldF]Niteowl> WHOA! where did that barry white music come from
<[OldF]Niteowl> "let's get on..."
<Bouncer> Okayfine I didn't want to have to do this
<MossWerk> -it all comes down to his weakness-
<Bouncer> You forced my hand
* Bouncer releases tiny beach balls
<MossWerk> Nooooooo000000000000o00000000ooooooooooooooooooooo-
* MossWerk inhales
<MossWerk> 000000000oooooooo0o0oooo!!!!
* Bouncer charges Moss
* MossWerk see everything in slow motion
* Bouncer has a cuppa while charging Moss in slo'mo
* MossWerk files his nails
* Bouncer finishes paperwork
* MossWerk hears the phone
<MossWerk> Oh Hi Mom!
* Bouncer dives towards Moss
<MossWerk> nothing really... and you?
* Bouncer backstrokes part of the way
<MossWerk> One sec ma
* Bouncer reaches for Moss's neck
<[OldF]Niteowl> Enya muzak plays softly in the background
* MossWerk sticks out his foot ala daffy duck trip master
<Bouncer> :
<Bouncer> o
* MossWerk hums to Enyazak
<Bouncer> O
<Bouncer> N
<Bouncer> o
<Bouncer> o
<Bouncer> o
<Bouncer> o
<Bouncer> O
<Bouncer> O
<Bouncer> O
<Bouncer> O
<Bouncer> !
<Bouncer> !
<Bouncer> !
<Bouncer> .
<Bouncer> .
<Bouncer> .
* [OldF]Niteowl looks to fellow commentor, Beaker, in disbelief
* Bouncer goes full speed into Mosss legs
<Bouncer> 's
<MossWerk> the cat took a what on the what?
<MossWerk> one more sec ma
* MossWerk lands an elbow in bouncers neckle region
<Bouncer> Tell Mom I said HI!, btw.
<MossWerk> rgr that
<MossWerk> now Stay! G'Man!
<Bouncer> Nooooooo!!!
* Bouncer slides out and hoofs it
<MossWerk> Gah... he's an oily one...
<[CoFR]Beaker> holy. smokes.
* MossWerk peers off into the distance
<MossWerk> -We shall meet again oh bouncey one-
<MossWerk> -But for now....-
<MossWerk> -We dance!!!-
<Bouncer> YAY!
* MossWerk grooves to the left
* MossWerk slides to the right
<[OldF]Niteowl> enya is still playing, just faster
* Bouncer grooves to the back
<MossWerk> 2 all you freaks don't stop the rock
<Bouncer> Okie I'm tired and need a nap
<MossWerk> cuz #cofr's kickin' and you know they're hot
<Bouncer> <<--Non-pro groover
<[CoFR]Beaker> jump
<[CoFR]Beaker> jump
<MossWerk> miggitymiggitymiggitymiggity mossdaddeh
<MossWerk> miggitymiggitymiggitymiggity moss
<MossWerk> ;)
<[CoFR]Beaker> Oh look it's half-time entertainment!
<[CoFR]Beaker> starring Kriss Kross!
<[CoFR]Beaker> those wacky kids!
<[OldF]Niteowl> ah, there's my fellow commentator
<MossWerk> I missed the bus!!
<MossWerk> and that is sumfin that i'll neva eva do again!!!!
<[CoFR]Beaker> wait.. how could they be kids still?
<MossWerk> cryogenics
<MossWerk> in conjunction with lucifer
<[OldF]Niteowl> gary coleman
<[CoFR]Beaker> well anyways, this half-time show is brought to you by the Artic Bend VFW
<Bouncer> :O
<Bouncer> Gary Coleman is in league with the devil?
<[OldF]Niteowl> And the makers of Sarin Nerve Gas 'we make protesters go away'
<Bouncer> My god.. that explains so much!
<MossWerk> no. gary coleman is lil' bow-wow.
<[OldF]Niteowl> well, yes, isn't that just assumed
<Bouncer> Oh.
<[OldF]Niteowl> i mean
<[CoFR]Beaker> lol
<[OldF]Niteowl> look at his costars
<Bouncer> So.. lil Bow-wow is in league with the devil?
<[OldF]Niteowl> what happened to them? that's right.
<[CoFR]Beaker> and apparently joining us in the booth to talk about the game so far, is bouncer!
<Bouncer> Yeah Beaks, it's been a helluva fight out there so far.
<Bouncer> The Mega Hamp was just something we weren't preparred for.
<[OldF]Niteowl> Ah, you smell a touch, ripe there boucner
<[CoFR]Beaker> It sure looks like it! How do you plan on approaching the second half?
<[OldF]Niteowl> I like the hamster city you made, well executed, stylistically
<Bouncer> Oh we'd known they might deploy some sort of small furry creatures, but never expected them to modularly convert into livable townhouse sized units.
<[OldF]Niteowl> Yes, that's something that catches many a player off guard
<[OldF]Niteowl> Is your team prepared to deploy your own furry animals?
<Bouncer> It was clever, no doubt about it. Luckily, we'd seen them at least pull the hamster ploy out before so we had our counter for that.
<Bouncer> We've been considering lemmings, but frankly, the cost of importing cliffs was just too high.
<[OldF]Niteowl> LMFAO
<Bouncer> Instead.. all I can say to you is that we have a surprise for the second half...
<[OldF]Niteowl> or you could have just a REALY tall player
<Bouncer> which I'll only call..
<Bouncer> The Dobie-O'matic.
<[OldF]Niteowl> I'm sure eveyrone out in radioland is looking forward to it
<[CoFR]Beaker> It's sure to be a barn-burner!
* Dusty is a hamster waiting to go off right in this very channel
<Bouncer> Indeed.. or you might say, an ass-biter!
<[OldF]Niteowl> Well, ans ass-something, that's for sure
* Bouncer takes off headphones and heads out of booth
<[OldF]Niteowl> an*
* [OldF]Niteowl takes out disinfectant and sparys the headphones to oblivion
<[CoFR]Beaker> and now, I want to tell you about some other upcoming events on #cofr
<[OldF]Niteowl> Well beaker, those hamster pellets DO get everywhere, don' t they?
<Bouncer> (brb)
<[CoFR]Beaker> later on it's the Nitro-burning Funny-Ferret races...
<[OldF]Niteowl> Ooo, i wonder what those crazy kids have done to trick out their ferrets this time
<[CoFR]Beaker> and a replay of last years spittle-drinking contest
*** Signoff: [CoFR]Postal (Quit: Who the hell is Norah Jones? The Grammys are fixed! Fixed I tells ya!)
<[OldF]Niteowl> I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the slo-mo shots on that drinking contest Beaker
<[CoFR]Beaker> yeah those crazy kids are up to there armpits in the latest Ferret-technology
<[CoFR]Beaker> yes
<[OldF]Niteowl> Don't know if they will be using the NEW spittle, or the Classic spittle
<[CoFR]Beaker> Niteowl, who DOESN't slo-mo spittle?
<[CoFR]Beaker> err enjoy
<[OldF]Niteowl> Although, out down south, i hear they use the Authentic Spitoon Spittle
<[CoFR]Beaker> I hear their working on Spittle-lite
<[CoFR]Beaker> or Splite as they are calling it
<[OldF]Niteowl> Beaker: good point there, i think our new ZOOM shot will be the talk of TV land, sorry to you folks in radio land
<CorpusDelicious> Funny-Ferret races?
<CorpusDelicious> (Link: http://afewshadesapart.com/images/pets/darius05.jpg)http://afewshadesapart.com/images/pets/darius05.jpg
<[OldF]Niteowl> yes, so true, Spilite has been great in testing, with anal-leakage the only current, unfortuante side effect
<[CoFR]Beaker> oooh the dreaded "oily discharge"
<[OldF]Niteowl> great for Dipping tho
<[OldF]Niteowl> i think we'll have a few clips of that this year as well
<[CoFR]Beaker> lol
<[OldF]Niteowl> ah CD, those are definitly non-regulation ferrets
<[OldF]Niteowl> notice the absence of a mohawk, or being greased down in extra-virgin olive oil
<Bouncer> :o
<[OldF]Niteowl> they are also NOT albino.. which is a pre-req for ferrts in this division
<CorpusDelicious> (Link: http://afewshadesapart.com/images/pets/miyu01.jpg)http://afewshadesapart.com/images/pets/miyu01.jpg
<CorpusDelicious> ah-hem
<[CoFR]Beaker> holy smokes.. well I'm outta here, gotta go cover the opening of the new "All Things Marble" at the stripmall.... I'll leave the commentary up to my very accomplished associate, Niteowl. ;)
<[OldF]Niteowl> ah yes, getting close, that could be a regulation ferret on his way to Funny Ferret racing, you keep your chin up there, little guy!
<[CoFR]Beaker> lol
* [OldF]Niteowl runs screaming, imagination, burned out
<[CoFR]Beaker> yeah me too
<[CoFR]Beaker> I'm bushed.
* [OldF]Niteowl rests
<[CoFR]Beaker> Cigarette?
<[OldF]Niteowl> someone should post this in the forums damnit
<[CoFR]Beaker> I'm spent
<[OldF]Niteowl> thanks, just lemme finish this blunt
<[CoFR]Beaker> I just wanna go to sleep
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Postby dklein » Thu Apr 10, 2003 2:10 pm

You're all really, really, really, really, f**ked up induhviduals.

Not only do you get the After Party Prize for the Longest Post in the History of the Modern Internet, but also the prize for single most entertaining off-topic group rant.

Just wild! Unbelievable!
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