CoFR server going down

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CoFR server going down

Postby Niteowl » Sun Jun 15, 2003 12:29 pm

well, if any of you read the forums, you'll know this has one of the most faithful regulars of any server, any. when one of those eventual "What servers do good players play on" come up, this one is pimped by regulars to no end.

sadly, the server operator can no longer afford to operate it. ... b5bb0a0a3f

would be nice, as i've said so many times, to get PJ at this level. i'm not gonna pimp PJ on this 'farewell to CoFR" server, feels a little bit dirty :S

btw, this sorta makes the argument for a stronger sort of admin policy on ther servers. we can continue that discussion elsewhere. Mustard, who is a server admin on CoFR, got a userid on this forums, so ppl can pick his brain if they like as to how he admins. he lives in Australia, so keep that iin mind if ya wanna contact him on IRC :)
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