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BG Brigade

Postby North Wolf » Tue Jun 24, 2003 5:13 pm

I disovered this little mod recently and I have had alot of fun with it.

On the off chance that I can tempt any of you to the dark side I'm attempting to form a BG Brigade within OldF.

Basicly play once a week or so, clan stacking on a server.

Game is pretty simple and works as following.

3 classes per side

Commander type: Weak pistol and sword for meele (moves faster then rest)

Assaulter: Powerfull but innacurate musket, can bayonet people.

Marksman: Strong aim, pretty weak musket (2 hits is normal per kill), knife for desperation.

Reload times are something like 6sec at least, pace of the game is intersting with teams sticking together alot and even lining up for added firepower.

If I get enough takers for this, I'll request a seperate section for it. Its a bit wacky but alot of fun.

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