Old Fogies server rules and information

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Old Fogies server rules and information

Postby Velour Kitten » Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:12 am

Geriatric Ward specific rules and info can be found here.

The Usual OldF Rules

First off, if you have any questions about these rules, register and post! If you want to keep it private, send a message to any active OldF member.

Not all admins enforce all rules equally, you however are responsible for following the strictest interpretation any admin might elect to take that day. It's just safer that way.


- Respect everyone, always
- Good sportsmanship and a gentleman's spirit must be preserved throughout.
- Do not cheat, rage, exploit, team stack, grief or spam voicecomm.
- No hurtful, racist or bigotted language and no excessive swearing. This includes slurring "gay" and the like.


- No hackusations while on the server. If you are suspicious of someone, please raise the issue with a Fogey. Be sure to catch their Steam ID by entering "status" into the console. A demo too would be a real bonus.
- Do not pretend to be an admin.
- No griefing. See below.


Griefing will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Harrassing other players. Especially because of their age, gender and the like. Yes, there are female players. Yes, there are younger players. This is entirely unnoteworthy.

A wise Florp once said "If you are doing something that can potentially make a lot of people needlessly irritated, please stop. It's just good manners."

Odds and ends

- We understand that many players face high pings due to their locations and connections, but we ask that your rates and connection be somewhat stable. A player who moves around in a slide show with a ping that might flux as much as 1000% in a period of seconds is of massive annoyance to both players and spectators. We'll work with you to correct a connection issue or if needs be ask you to leave.
- If the server is full, please do not sit around idly in the ready room or spectate as you are taking a slot that could be used by someone who will actually play.

Breaking any of these rules can, and quite probably will, get you kicked or banned.

Cleaning up misconceptions!

- Clanstacking is allowed so long as the teams work out to be even skill-wise.

If banned...

Register here and boogy on down to our Unban Requests forum. We will consider removing any ban on request after four months. If you are uncertain of when you were banned feel free to post there asking.
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