Going to try it again 2vs2 Match of Sup Com 2 OR SCFA

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Going to try it again 2vs2 Match of Sup Com 2 OR SCFA

Postby zolop » Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:32 am

I know all of lead busy lives, whether separating time between family, work, parties, vacation, etc.

Going to try it again 2vs2 Match of Sup Com 2 OR SCFA, anyone interested in playing a match? If I can get 3 other people we can have some serious fun I think. (SCFA= Supreme commander Forged Alliance). I haven't played a 2v2 match in a long while, so I would like to do it again. If we do choose SCFA, I can't do it during the weeknights, game will take too long, but if its Sup Com 2 it won't be a problem. If we get enough people interested I will schedule a event on Oldf Steam group that we can all agree on.

Off topic...

I would also like to try and schedule a Warfare of A2 but I know most people find A2 difficult, so its something to think about in the future. Speaking of which is Florp still working on the Flying mission? Can he pack up the PBO so I can edit it? I want to add some of the new russian aircraft with afterburners (SU-34 Tandom seating, SU39, SU-30 Fighter) and BluFor aircraft from ACE to try them all out. Florp is a better mission designer than me because I know crap about scripting, which Florp has better knowledge (scripting) of and in other parts of designing missions.
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